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About NARAL Pro-Choice America

free.will.power is a project of NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation. We support and protect a woman's freedom to make personal decisions as a fundamental right and value.

With more than one million member activists in all 50 states, and in partnership with 23 state affiliates, NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation works to give people opportunities to act on their pro-choice values.

We’re about the future – and that includes you. It’s about connecting our personal lives with the political process—and we know the best way to protect reproductive rights in the future is by connecting with people who agree with us and then giving them the opportunity to bring even more people to our cause.

Why free.will.power?

It’s an exciting time to become involved in the political process. Technology is giving people more power to make a difference in ways we couldn’t even imagine just a few years ago. Look at the presidential election – the role of younger Americans got a lot of attention. If you’re part of this group, you are part of the most diverse and engaged generation in our country’s history. You’re committed to acting on your beliefs, whether it’s alleviating poverty or saving the environment in your communities and around the world. We urge you to look at free.will.power and, we hope, add reproductive rights to the list of issues you talk about with your friends and family.

free.will.power is our newest online venture – but not our only one! We’re using fresh tools to engage the next generation of pro-choice activists: Facebook, MySpace, text messaging, and our very own www.BlogforChoice.com are just some ways to engage and support a community of activists to safeguard our reproductive freedom. Don’t miss out – get involved! Find out more about us.

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